Exceptional performance

When you view a high performer or someone you admire it’s quite easy to only see the ‘end product’ cos we ain’t necessarily always fully connected to what they feel or think in any kind of way that they are.

“Do you think they always show up for the game feeling motivated, excited, eager, and confident?

If you’re not sure of the answer, let me give it to you. The super-competitors are just like you and me—they get tired, burned out, sick, and sore just like everybody else.

So how do they do it? How do they mobilize their Performance Selves and bring to life the emotions that empower them? By what miraculous means do great competitors transform fear into confidence, tiredness into energy, boredom into fun? Here’s how: they learn exceptional performer skills.” Loehr

What would be some ‘exceptional performance skills’ for you to learn?

Let’s make that question a bit easier.

What kinds of small daily disciplines (done daily) for most part of the year would put you on another level?

Here’s an example of just a few from my year

2 + litres of water…daily


Working on something creative + inspiring…daily

Appreciation tracking…daily

The ‘exceptional performer skills’ can also be those foundational behaviors that contribute towards you rocking it.

Pick one, build it, own it and repeat.



P.s. start small. That’s totally okay.

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