“If you think your odds of solving a problem are bad, don’t rule out the possibility that what is really happening is that you are bad at estimating odds.”

~ Scott Adams

If you’re faced with a problem right now, perhaps the stumbling block is not the problem itself but the approach you may or may not be currently taking to solve the problem.

Sometimes it requires iterations of problem solving before you crack the nut.

Let’s apply Oettingen’s woop strategy to this.

Woop = Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan (to overcome the obstacle).

Here’s an example.

Problem = Lack of focus and concentration to do the work at hand/

Okay cool. What’s the opposite of the problem here?

What’s the wish?

Wish = to have focus and concentration to do the work at hand.

Outcome = the work will get done and this problem will be overcome. I’ll be one step closer.

Obstacle = I’m distracted by message notifications coming in.

Plan = if I’m faced with online distractions I’ll switch off the wifi settings on all the devices I don’t need + mute the sound.

You see that.

In the space of a couple of lines you can take a first crack at reflecting on a problem with a view towards forecasting a wish and anticipating a current obstacle + solution.

Gives you some action steps to try out.

Give it a whirl.



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