Enhancing through Connecting

Seligmans Model of Flourishing is worth unpacking a bit more in both reflection and application.

A quick revision of that.

Seligman (founder of Positive Psychology) says the likelihood of flourishing and optimal functioning increases when there is more often (than not) the presence of PERMA.

PERMA stands for (Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment).

Does not have to be 24/7. In fact that is impossible.

Let's focus in on the relationship component.

Seligmans model describes flourishing relationships as 'Life Enhancing Connections'.

Is there anyone with whom you could connect more and vice versa?

Someone who could enhance the best of you? Someone with whom your presence could enhance their best?

Think of an area that you would like to share and 'show up' more in with another person.

Even if you like flying solo in some areas.

There may be other areas worth enhancing through connection.




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