Enhance the view of your potential

Ever been in a situation where you’ve tried to impose your values or viewpoints on another person?

We may all have found ourselves doing this only to realize that each person has their own unique viewpoint on what potential means to them and how to express it.

Thus, your view of your potential and possibilities is going to be quite unique from another person.

I remember in my early 20’s trying to convince those closest to me to see my potential in the way that I did.

All it did was end up in frustration cos I was trying to get outward approval rather than just get on with it.

Once I figured out that it was my own view point I needed to shape rather than try and get other’s to believe or encourage I just kinda got on with it.

“To keep pain from becoming suffering, minimize resistance. Quit trying to manipulate others and manipulate your *viewpoint.*”

~ Alan Cohen

What’s a viewpoint about you and your potential that you could enhance + free from the viewpoints of others?



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