Encourage the effort

As our children start to acquire new capacities and test emerging abilities there is one key that’s very important.

Encouraging the effort regardless of the quality of action at this moment in time.

There are gonna be most probably thousands upon thousands of movements, efforts, and attempts they are gonna make, not all of which are gonna be ‘works of art’ off the bat.

It don’t matter, in fact, it’s crucial.

Where you on that path?

Okay with refining over time or going for perfection?

“Babineaux and Krumboltz, the two psychologists, have some advice for those who are prone to the curse of perfectionism. It involves stating the following mantras: ‘If I want to be a great musician, I must first play a lot of bad music.’ ‘If I want to become a great tennis player, I must first lose lots of tennis games.’ ‘If I want to become a

top commercial architect known for energy-efficient, minimalist designs, I must first design inefficient, clunky buildings.’”(Syed)

You can and will get better.

What are you willing to refine over time?



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