Eliminating to focus

I really love the idea of being as efficient and as effective as possible whilst still retaining if not enhancing the quality of the work we do.

This approach in action is not a one stop shop but an important thinking tool to come back to over and over.


“‘Eliminate’ is the first of the five choices or strategies that Multipliers implement. Of the five strategies, this one has by far the widest swath of opportunity for time savings that we can immediately give ourselves tomorrow that we don’t have today.

If we multiply our time by spending time on things today that will create more time tomorrow, then there isn’t a faster way to create more margin tomorrow than by spending our time today just wiping out, deleting or removing some of the things that we’re involved in that we would be doing tomorrow.

Just think for a moment about all of the stuff that you’re doing that you don’t need to be

doing. And the real power here is that you are looking for things you can just stop doing. No explanation. No warning. No ramp-down time. No apology. What are the things that we can just stop?” (Vaden)

“What are all the things you are doing that you shouldn’t be doing?”

~ Rory Vaden



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