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Eliminating distractions

A lot of advice and views out there on how to be productive and more focused.

Some well researched one’s in all that and some great add – ons to explore.

In all of that though ever considered what needs to be eliminated?

Case in point, I was sitting with an old device without access to internet and started browsing the many apps that had been downloaded.

In all that I paused, took a step back and thought, I really don’t need to do this right now.


Closed the device, took a walk and replaced the distraction with some ‘thinking time’.

Check this out…

"Your instructions for today: Delete it. Delete *that* app. ... You know which one is your albatross. The one you use too much. The one you use to escape—too often, at the expense of other things (including sleep). The one that makes you feel bad about yourself. Delete said time-wasting, bad-habit app. Uninstall it." -Manoush Zomorodi

Q. If you managed to eliminate one of these what habit of well – being could go in it’s place?

Food for thought.

Give it a whirl.



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