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Early, Eager and Engaged

Do you have any mates that show off to you about how they don't need to attend lectures? Maybe it's you huh?! Or maybe you don't attend or tune into lectures as much as you could.

Well this is for you straight from Professor Newport's book "How to become a Straight A student"

"Good students attend class for a reason: It's the best way to keep up with the material and understand what the professor expects from you."

"The key to successful class time is to remain engaged throughout the entire session."


Tip 1: "Get there early, sit up front, and stay put." By sitting up front, you'll be more engaged and less likely to be distracted by what other students are doing.

Tip 2: "Come prepared with a specific set of questions." This will help you stay engaged and focused during the lecture.

Tip 3: "Listen actively and take good notes." This means not just copying down what the professor says, but also trying to understand the underlying concepts and arguments.

Tip 4: "Participate in discussions." This will help you better understand the material and also show the professor that you're engaged and interested in the class.

Which tip are you seeking to implement next?

Tip 1: "Get there early, sit up front, stay put."

Tip 2: "Come prepared with questions."

Tip 3: "Listen actively and take good notes."

Tip 4: "Participate in discussions."

With Arete,


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