Droplets or Tons?

“‘A small drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions think,’ wrote Byron in Don Juan.” (Stone).

Let’s delve a bit deeper into what Stone shares.

Check this out…

“Inspiration to action: that which motivates you to act because you want to.

Know-how: the particular techniques and skills that consistently get results for you when applied. It is the proper application of knowledge. Know-how becomes habit through actual repetitive experience.

Activity knowledge: knowledge of the activity, service, product, methods, techniques, and skills with which you are particularly concerned.” (Stone)

And here’s the kicker from what Stone is sharing.

You don’t have a drop of potential. You’ve got a ton of it.

Find ways to direct your “inspiration, know – how and activity knowledge”.

Not sure?


Define, discover and develop it.



p.s. when you get scarce with your potential all you get is droplets (which is still potent). When you recognize your potential and express it you get tons more (which is POWERFUL).

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