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Do your best

How good are you at picking yourself back up after a day where you might not have performed optimally?

It’s tempting perhaps to hide under the covers the next day or in anticipation of an up coming challenge ain’t it?

Come on now, from that place you ain’t gonna be able to express your potential anywhere near as close as if you just took the shot.

“If perfect is not the goal, what is? It’s simply Do your best. That’s it. Each and every day, make it your intention to do the very best you can with what you have that day. As I said earlier, in your daily journal, give yourself a W [for Win] or an L [for Loss] for each day. If you did the best you could that day, you get a W. If you did not do your best, you get an L. The goal is to have six or fewer Ls in a month. And you never want to have two consecutive Ls in a month. It’s okay to have a bad day, but you must make yourself recover quickly and get back on track. Remember: The goal is not to be perfect. It’s to do your best and recover quickly from failure.” (Beecham)



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