Do the thing...

Have you ever heard the saying…

“Do the thing you fear the most”?

Brian Tracy…call’s it ‘eat that frog’..a title by the same phrase.

Let me give a real example recently observed of this.

I recently observed too youngster’s (below the age of 10) go at it in a light martial arts sparring training.

One outmatched the other in size…yet both were equally capable.

The problem was, when the larger of the two went in for a strike, the other, smaller fella, stepped back and punched in the air.

Nothing landed.

He was one foot in and one strike out, reasonably out of fear of getting hit.

After a minute of this flight and fight response, the sensei took a belt and tied it to both of their belts.

Now they were closer together…

Despite that, the tug of war continued and the smaller fella continued to retreat.

The sensei’s response.

“Don’t be afraid to get hit”

Although a literal example…coming back to what we said at the beginning.

What you scared of?

How about instead of retreating, you lean in and take the shot?

How about trying to land it?

Even if at the risk of getting hit, or rejected or whatever else it is you might fear.

Come on now.

What’s the worst ting that can happen?

Probably that you just learn from it.



P.s As just one mere example, I once sent 500 + communications out over several weeks and many hours to only get a single response.

P.p.s that one response opened up a whole host of possibilities.

P.p.p.s even when I was hundreds in (with a slightly changed strategy) I kept going, with absolutely no signs of feedback.

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