Do it your way

Our daughter opened a new sketch book the other day. She started to create a sketch from her imagination.

Then she tried to copy an illustration line for line exact. As it was not to her standard she’d turn the page and start again. This happened a few times before she turned to me and asked me to draw it for her.

My response?

“You are a very good artist and you can draw this your way.”

She got back to it. All that was needed in that particular moment was a bit of encouragement.

“As we attempt to understand ourselves and our struggles with life’s endeavors, we may find peace in the observation of a flower. Ask yourself: at what point in a flower’s life, from seed to full bloom, has it reached perfection?” (Sterner)

What if, as you are, right now all good? As in, there is absolutely nothing you need to do, be or become in order to recognize your worth right now.

Sure you wanna and gonna get better.

But you do not need to wait to get there in order to feel confident and self worth right now.

What would it take for you to take an inside out process?

You don’t need a sketch book full of perfect drawings.

Just you as you are right now, willing to do it your way.



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