Discomfort can be good x 1000

Can you recall how many times you’ve deliberately stepped outside of your comfort zone this year?

A handful, more than 10, more than 20? A couple of hundred perhaps?

At the time of writing this we are about 6 weeks shy of the end of the year.

Reflecting back on this year I’ve geniunely lost count of how many times I’ve deliberately stepped outside of my comfort zone. It’s in the hundreds!

Then if you add up all the mini steps towards stepping outside of the comfort zone…it’s in the thousands!

I love it.

Check this…

“People with grit are renowned for setting hard—some would say unrealistic—goals. Because people with grit don’t go for easy, low-hanging fruit and have to work persistently for a long time to see success, their pursuit of tough goals, and often their success in achieving them, is what inspires other people to step out of their comfort zone, too.”

~ Caroline Adams Miller

You want low hanging fruit? Great.

You want to stretch + grow. Get gritty.

What’s a tough goal for you over the long term?

You willing to keep at it?

How would you achieving this goal or even working consistently towards it help and inspire others to get out of their comfort zone?



P.s. you can pick the low hanging fruit in your down time and holidays + scheduled breaks.

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