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Discipline(s) First...10x Later

Imagine reviewing a goal that you have and multiplying that by 10!

Here is where the '10x rule' comes in by Grant Cardone.

Cardone says that in order to do that you create a goal 10 times bigger and then commit 10 times more effort than is percieved as necesasry.

Now hold the phone here...It is a pretty powerful concept yet I'd caution that it is one probably to 'build up' to in your own way.

The risk of trying off the bat of setting this up is that if the ground work is not layed prior, you may run the risk of what Snyder called creating 'all or nothing' goals. Those kind of huge goals that excite when you think of em, but then when you start you realize or experience that they are a bit too lofty - cos the game or foundation plan is not strong enough.

As an alternative you could as Snyder refers create 'stretch' goals. Still decent in size that can contribute to those huge goals yet with enough challenge and attainability to them that you grow, stretch and remain sane!

Coming back to the 10x rule, there are some interesting pointers that can still be applied whether on a massive goal or a stretch goal.

Cardone says there are four goal setting errors we can make which include:

'Mistargeting, severely undersetimating, spending too much time competing, and underestimaing the amount of adversity'.

Have a look at any goals or intetions you have at hand. Do any of these errors apply?

If so that's alright...

What reflections can you make from the goals at hand? Where can you tweak?

So for e.g. if you are underestimating what it will take, that does not necessarily mean giving up. It may simply mean realizing and mapping out what it is really going to take.

Incremental wins, incremental tweaks can lead to those bigger goals.

What do you need to do regularly to take you to next levels?

More groundwork, My POTENTIAL.

with ARETE,


p.s think about it. There are some things you are doing now which a year or a couple of years ago would have been considered a 10x goal. You got here through experience and practice. You can get there again.

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