'Direct' Approach

How direct are you?

Mark Divine has a really easy to remember acronym for increasing self-awareness and heightening focus.

Here is what he says:

“Try to DIRECT your thoughts during the day, especially those destructive to your wellbeing and front-sight focus”.

Direct stands for Detect, Interdict, Redirect, Energize, Communicate, Train.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into that.

The D.I.R.E.C.T method

  1. Detect distracting thoughts that run the risk of draining your energy

  2. Interdict by internally commanding the thought at hand through the words ‘Stop!’ or ‘No!’

  3. Redirect the ‘negative thought’ redirecting your attention to more resourceful thoughts

  4. Energize by getting behind your new resourceful thought with everything you’ve got

  5. Communicate to yourself regarding this new thought by way of a self-affirming statement

  6. Train by practicing the DIRECT technique daily

Got anything that could do with a ‘Direct’ approach.

Give it a try.



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