Dig deep, Go Deep, Remain Deep

Ryan Holiday has interesting line from his book 'Perennial Seller' on the difference between a great work vs. an idea and puts it like this:

"The difference between a great work and an idea for a great work is all the sweat, time, effort and agony that go into engaging that idea and turning it into something real."

It's a direct question to ask and a tough question answer...but do you just want your potential to be an idea?

As in, do you just want the possibiliity of a future you to just be an idea or a 'great work' in progress?

Will it be hard? Yep.

Will it come with obstacles? Yep.

Can you overcome them? Yep.

Will you get stronger? Yep.

Will you grow? Yep.

Do you want to (that is shift from or lean more into your own possibilities)?

No one can answer that but you.

Dig deep, go deep and remain deep.

With Arete,


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