Developing virtues

I once spent a chunk of time, as in months, ploughing through 100 ‘virtues’, or character qualities and definitions I could find in a dictionary. It was project at the time inspired by an author I had heard a few times, Demartini. His approach at an earlier stage of his life was to look at every virtue and vice in the dictionary and ask “where have I displayed this in my own life?”

I took a slightly different approach. Mine was to understand the definition of each ‘virtue’ or strength or character quality and go about developing a workbook of sorts. It ended up being a 500 pager with 1000’s of questions.

The purpose?

To recognize that there are qualities and strengths one already has and ways to express them in an individual and team context.

“Those states that are praiseworthy we call virtues.”

~ Aristotle

What are the states or virtues that you yourself seek to express daily?

How about during a week?

How about over the course of a year?



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