Developing Focus

“The power to disengage our attention from one thing and move it to another is essential for well – being.”

That’s a line from author Goleman in a book called ‘Focus’ – subtitle: ‘he hidden driver of excellence.’


It’s a nice line n all but how do we do that?!

That is, how do we strengthen our ability to engage, disengage, and re-engage?

Goleman says re our focus…“work it well and it grows” much like a muscle that is exercised on the regular.

Here, a quick tool (a.k.a exercise) to carry on with that journey from ‘Becoming a Student of Focus.’

FOCUS in ANOTHER PERSON - a message to you

Think of someone who embodies the quality of FOCUS. It can be a family member, friend or someone famous. Imagine they are talking to you and they recognize how you are really developing your FOCUS. What words of encouragement, wisdom or advice would they give you to help you to continue to become a student of focus?

Defining, Discovering and Developing your Focus is a journey.

Bottom line. Work it like a muscle + enjoy the process.

Start small if you need to. Nothing wrong with that, at all.




p.s. don’t be afraid to test out different tools that may promote your focus and productivity. There are a ton out there to test for yourself and some you can create for you. (For e.g. the pomodoro technique, an interesting one).

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