Design your Superhero (qualities)

Imagine possessing and expressing the contrasting qualities needed to remain flexible, focused, fast and firm.

As a kid I used to love watching Bravestar.

He was a superhero that had the speed of the puma, strength of the bear, sight of the hawk.

I have a colleague who I call Bravestar (from time to time) because his stature reminds me of this superhero.

Let’s imagine we all had these qualities and I pitched to you two more to include.

Anyone up for adding the qualities of the turtle and a rabbit?!

Check this…

“We have all heard the fable of the tortoise and the hare. The implied lesson, of course, is that the tortoise wins because he plods along and takes his time, whereas the hare rushes, becomes tired, and misses his opportunity to win. We’re supposed to derive the meaning that we should be tortoises—individuals who approach our goals steadily and slowly. If there was a third player in the fable who had the speed of the hare and the steadfastness of the tortoise, it would smoke them both and have no competition. The fable would then be called Smoked. The suggestion here is to approach your goals like the tortoise and the hare—by attacking them ruthlessly from the beginning and also staying with them throughout the course of the ‘race.’” (Cardonne, author of The 10x Rule).

Cool stuff!

Speed + consistency.



p.s. what top 2 qualities if applied to a goal or project at hand would work wonders for you?

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