Delay + rock your potential

An area that I’ve made a concerted effort to be more mindful of during the year of writing this is the use of a cell phone.

There are increasingly more deliberate times at which I’ll respond to messages.

Certainly it’s a continued work in progress.

Check this out…

“Every time you check your email or another message service, you’re basically saying, ‘Does any random person need my time right now?’ And if you respond right away, you’re sending another signal both to them and to yourself: ‘I’ll stop what I’m doing to put other people’s priorities ahead of mine no matter who they are or what they want.’ Spelled out, this sounds insane. But instant-response insanity is our culture’s default behavior. It’s the cornerstone of the Busy Bandwagon.“-Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

How many of the messages that you get require you to respond immediately?

How many of those messages could wait while you continue to rock your potential?



p.s. delay and rock (your potential). This is where delay is a good thing.

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