Deep down

I always used to chuckle whenever something quite profound was shared and someone in the friendship ground would say ‘deep’.

Well, fasten you’re seatbelts, this is one of those now.

“Timidity carries a huge price tag. You have a limited amount of time here on earth. Every moment that you aren’t ‘all in’ and fully committed is a wasted moment. The longer you live a ‘safe’ life, the more your goals, potential, and any sense that your life has meaning all fade away and eventually seem beyond reach…

The only way to take it back is to identify what’s really important to you and pursue it with every last ounce of energy. There’s a risk in this: when you pursue life with this level of commitment and you get injured, it really hurts. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

A great life is not one without injuries. A great life is one in which you risk great injuries and overcome them when they happen, again and again. The more willing you are to risk getting hurt, the more you’ll have the expansive, opportunity-filled life you want. If you remain small because you’re terrified of hurt, failure or rejection... you’ll live a limited, disengaged, fearful life.” ~ Barry Michels & Phil Stutz

A rhetorical question of sorts.

Can you keep going despite the hurt and set backs?

Of course you can.

Let’s not get it confused. Self - care and reflection is incredibly important along the way as too is the support you receive and give to others.

Let not setbacks hold you back.

Got a setback right now? What could you do to overcome it?



P.s you can overcome it and deep down you know you can.

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