Current versus intended pictures

When your in down time what are you up to?

If someone asked you to estimate how much time you spend each week kinda idle what’s the number you’d come up with?

Check this out…

“Ohio State University professor and virtual-reality researcher Jesse Fox… has students keep media diaries in which they track every engagement they have with social media, television, video games, and so on. The tracking can get overwhelming—‘It’s so much work!’ they complain—but the results are often shocking: students find that while they think they’re jumping online just for a minute or having a quick round of Drawsome with friends, they’re actually spending two hours a day on Facebook or thirty hours a week playing video games.

What really gets Fox’s students thinking, though, is this: Before the experiment, Fox asks them all to make lists of everything they’d like to do but feel they don’t have time for. The lists have to be detailed to get them thinking seriously about how they’d spend their time: an hour every three days doing Pilates, four hours a week to visit someplace new, half an hour every day for coffee with friends, twenty minutes a day for laundry and cleaning, and so on. She then has them compare the diaries with the lists. In the eight hours you played video games, she points out, here’s all the other stuff you could have done.” (Soojung – Kim Pang)

Make a list of all the things you wanna do this week.

Put some hours next to them.

Replace the not so conducive times with these instead.

With Arete,


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