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Cultivating Grit

Imagine having the determination and interest over the long haul to complete a long term project, qualification, or degree.

Professor Duckworth, author of Grit says this is what Grit is and something we can cultivate through four key elements including…

1. Passion: The thing on your radar needs to be intrinsically motivating

2. Practice: Only you can put in the work on it – daily

3. Purpose: Link this to a bigger goal far beyond you

4. Hope: Know that your future can improve + believe you are with the capacity to improve it.

Got a goal that meets all of these already? Awesome.

If not, got a long-term goal that could do with some sprinkling of these? Which ones?

What can you do to increase these four on a long-term goal you are currently committed to?

Pick one right now and imagine seeing yourself acting with more of that next time you work on a piece of the long term goal.



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