Cultivate your greatness

Wanna be great huh?


Check this perspctive out…

“That is greatness itself.’ It is cultivating the character and habits that not only lead to success but also help you overcome any challenge or adversity. It’s about lifting yourself up from the depths of despair and using mindfulness, joy, and love to harness your dreams. It is a progression through a series of lessons—eight areas of focus and continual improvement:

1. Create a vision.

2. Turn adversity into advantage.

3. Cultivate a champion’s mind-set.

4. Develop hustle.

5. Master your body.

6. Practice positive habits.

7. Build a winning team.

8. Be of service to others.” (Howes)

Which one you wanna work on next?

With Arete


Ps this is a daily ting

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