'Crushing it' is one side of the coin

We can spend alot of time in 'doing mode' trying to crush it, plan for it, envision and see ahead.

Great an all, but that's one side of the coin.

High performers have a very strong ability to deliberately practice + deliberately rest up.

Check this from 'On Form.'

"Our most fundamental need as human beings is to spend and recover energy."

This one worth looking at and practicing. As in, just as you may schedule in blocks to nail it, do you schedule in and put aside time to rest up, recuperate and get energy levels back?

Whether you do (enough of that) or not consider this...

Where do you get your most energy recovery from?

Eg. sleep, eating, walking, exercise, water, a combo of all or others?

Knowing and exploring those things that bring us back up is important on our path of potential.

It's not just 'crushing' it. Its also about 'recovering energy'.


p.s I once asked a very high performing student what their go to habit was. The first thing they said? "All work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy!" Brilliant! Maybe your name ain't Jack but, fun, rest and play are still important!

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