Crescendo or Diminuendo?

Despite what you may or may not have achieved to this point consider this from Covey.

“… the most important work you will ever do is always ahead of you. It is never behind you. You should always be expanding and deepening your commitment to that work.”

Covey likens this to a Cresendo...

“Crescendo is a musical term. It means to play music with ever greater energy and volume, with strength and striving. The opposite is diminuendo, which means to lower the volume, to back off, to play it safe, to become passive, to whimper away your life.

So live life in crescendo. It’s essential to live with that thought. Regardless of what you have or haven’t accomplished, you have important contributions to make. Avoid the temptation to keep looking in the rearview mirror at what you have done and instead look ahead with optimism.”

Crescendo or Diminuendo?

Which one you playing right now?



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