Creating your own Super Pictures

In his book, ‘Can't hurt me’ David Goggins has a lot to share on basically 'hard graft'! But there is more to that which links to your own version of excellence.

This line.. a is what Goggins says!

“Human beings change through study, habit, and stories.” (Goggins)

Did you get that key word there? 'Study'!

Take a moment to think about and appreciate how you have transformed already through study.

Transformed through habits.

Transformed through your own story.

Let's remix what Goggins is saying:

Students realize their potential through 'student, habit and stories.'

Keep it going.

It's on the way (not in the way)

With Arete,


P.s. a bonus tool to keep the fire burning from 'Becoming a Student of Excellence'.


Imagine that from this very moment you decided to become an outstanding student. Imagine that with every step and every lesson you learned, you conducted yourself with excellence. ....These insights are possible for you right now...

How? Try this...


What are the super pictures of your life that you would like to make real? A super picture is an envisioned picture of a future you that represents the realization of an excellent, remarkable, outstanding situation. Brainstorm as many remarkable situations as you can in which you would like to act with excellence. See if you can generate at least 5 remarkable moments."

A bit about David Goggins

David Goggins story is pretty inspiring, especially when you consider his turning points and decisions. He is a Guinness World Record holder (crushed in 17 hours 4,030 x pull – ups) and has set new records in more than sixty ultra-marathons, triathlons, and ultra-triathlons.

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