Create the space

How much time do you create to reflect on your potential?

Check this out…

“Greg McKeown has made an entire business out of helping people figure out how they should spend their time. His leadership training company, This, Inc., works with high-level executives from Google, LinkedIn, and Pixar, helping them hone the precepts laid out in his bestselling book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. McKeown’s method is geared toward figuring out what matters most to you and ‘designing a life’ around that thing. He breaks the process down into three basic steps, the first of which is ‘to create space in our lives to figure out what is essential.’ Step two is to ‘eliminate all the nonessential activities.’ The third and last is to reallocate the resources that have been freed up and invest them in pursuing those things we’ve decided matter most.” (Harris)

Let’s recap that.

1. Create space to figure out your potential.

2. Eliminate those items that do not contribute towards it

3. Re-channel the resources towards you chosen activity of potential.

Got a time coming up one evening soon or over the weekend when you could start with step one?

How soon?



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