Cow's + your potential

I’ve extremely fond memories of walking up the lush green hills on the west coast of Ireland as a kid. Whenever I’ve returned since I always enjoy gazing at the cows just chilling.

Whether there is sun, snow, rain or wind, you’ll see the cows just there. It’s beautiful.

Speaking of Cows check this out from Carnergie…

“I spent twelve years working with cattle; yet I never saw a Jersey cow running a temperature because the pasture was burning from lack of rain or because of sleet and cold or because her boy friend was paying too much attention to another …. The animals confront night, storms, and hunger calmly; so they never have nervous breakdowns or stomach ulcers; and they never go insane.” ~ Dale Carnegie

How’s this for a link. Your potential is as constant as the cows that graze in the meadows, irrespective of the seasons. That’s right. Whenever you take a moment to look out on the hills of your potential, you’ll find it there.

Unlike the cows though ‘just chilling’ it’s waiting for you to transmute it, to turn it into something possible.

…and just like the cows your potential is unwavering and won’t breakdown.



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