Contract of Perfection?!

Ever had a complaint and asked to speak to the ‘manager’!

How about when you make a mistake. Do ya start complaining too?

Check this from Dr. Neff on ‘speaking to the manager’.

Some good stuff here:

“Everybody makes mistakes at one time or another, it’s a fact of life. And if you think about it, why should you expect anything different? Where is that written contract you signed before birth promising that you’d be perfect, that you’d never fail, and that your life would go on absolutely the way you want it to? Uh, excuse me. There must be some error. I signed up for the “everything will go swimmingly until the day I die” plan. Can I speak to management please? It’s absurd, and yet most of us act as if something has gone terribly awry when we fall down or life takes an unwanted or unexpected turn.”


You’re doing the best you can right now with what you got.

Bonus marks if you can nudge it up a little…

..and then again a bit more.

Level up and leave the self-directed complaints out of this.

If you are doing the best you can right now, don’t be so hard on yourself.



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