Consistent and Steady

As you continue to climb your own Mountain of Potential consider this...

What are your next level steps this week?

Key word there...'steps'.

Below, a perspective from a World Champion with not one, but two Black Belts...

“Think about climbing a mountain. If you decide you’re going up Everest, you don’t start with a sprint. You’ll never make it out of base camp if you do that. The secret is twofold: make sure your approach is consistent and steady so that you can maintain the progress you’re making as your journey continues” (St-Pierre).

What will help keep you ‘steady’ this week? (Think habits, exercise, practices, resources, rest, recovery, and peeps who can back your corner, keep you grounded and encourage you to take the next step).

Keep climbing...and share the journey.

You will get there. 

‘Consistent’ and ‘steady’. 

With Arete,


Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, is a professional mixed martial artist and UFC world champion from Canada. He has black belts in Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You can check him out on

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