Compound reading

What’s a field of enquiry or areas of interest you just love or would love to get your teeth into?

One I could not stop reading about was positive psychology.

I read the handbook of positive psychology twice over and that’s a small font, double column monster.

I read every book that came into the library on positive psychology.

I read every article I could access related to specific topics I really really wanted to know more about.

I read, and read and read because I wanted to build my understanding.

“Reading, specialized reading, is the mental food.” (Bruce Lee)

You don’t have to read all in one go.

You can pace it. Even a page per day, which can build over time to two pages, and three and four and more.

Imagine reading consistently in any area that you wish over time.

Think of the compound effect.



P.s. what’s one area that you’d love to read up on more?

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