Comparison not needed

It can be very tempting as you raise the bar on your potential to start setting yourself up for comparison.

Bottom line.


The trick is gonna come in with focusing on getting better than you were prior as opposed to anyone else.

The ultimate trick is on focusing on forging your potential with that at hand…right now.

Time to get in the ZONE....

“… The Zone is about the here and now and not some other place or concern. A mind that is worried about what others think or is constantly evaluating his or her performance and comparing it to that of others puts up a blockade to the Zone. This comparative thought process, of judging one’s self in relation to others, cuts us off from the “juice,” and the Zone evaporates. I like to say to my players, ‘The higher the bar, the purer the motivation.” (Lardon)

You got this…here and now.

There is no one to compete against…

Just the fallacy that there is.




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