Comfort zone or excellence?

Our daughter is only six year’s old yet already called out a long term goal she wants to rock.

It’s holiday time now so there is a lot of scope for down time, rest + chilling which is great…yet also a double edged sword.

As we continue to keep it sharp and focused in conversation and practice there’s a daily discipline that’s gonna be required from her (and from all of us) to move past the comfortable towards bigger pictures.

Check this out…

“In an era of human history in which we prize comfort above nearly every other virtue, we have overlooked an important truth: comfort never leads to excellence. What it takes to become great at your craft is practice, but not just any kind of practice—the kind that hurts, that stretches and grows you. This kind of practice, which Ericsson called ‘deliberate’ and we might consider more appropriately as ‘painful,’ is extremely difficult. It takes place over the course of about ten years, or ten thousand hours—incidentally the average length of an apprenticeship. But this is not where the practice ends; it’s just where it begins. In other words, you don’t clock in ten thousand hours and instantly become an expert. You have to do the right kind of practice.” (Goins)

You ready to go past 10,000?



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