Come Rain or Shine

For close to a decade my Father was a Post Man in the UK. Now if you are familiar with the weather it ain't exactly 365 days of sunshine.

Come rain, sun, snow or hail he was out in the elements from early morning delivering (on foot) letters and packages to the 1000s of houses in the South of London (and sometimes getting his behind bitten by dogs! + other adventures - more on that another time).

As he was on early shift (4am - early afternoon) he'd come back in time for us waking up in the morning to be there for us before we'd go to school.

What I really appreciate about that is he was present, did what he needed to do for the fam in combo with our Mammy so we could have as much of a shot at studying ourselves.

The story does not end there though.

Once we were all done and dusted and grown up it was his 'turn'.

As a young man my Father had always wanted to go to University but it was not possible. There is no way around saying this other then to straight talk it and say ....

one of those reasons for being denied access to higher education was because he was classifed as the 'wrong' colour under South Africa's Apartheid regime.

Fast forward close to half a century later and my Father (now a GrandFather of many) headed to University to complete a double major! He was that keen bean who sat in the front row, asking questions and engaging all the time...totally in his element.

It was deeply inspiring to watch him do this whilst close to 65 years old at the time of starting!

Whether you are young, old, of any does not matter. There is always a chance to grow and learn and exemplify to others...

Come rain, sun, snow or can display your own version of 'Grit'.


"Passion and perseverance towards the attainment of a long - term goal." (Duckworth)

He taught me that then...he still exemplifies that now.

Age or weather or other 'elements' do not have to stop you.

Come rain or shine...


with ARETE,


p.s. it was awesome and inspiring to receive a picture of him graduating. Think of what that kind of example does for next generations?

p.p.s what example would you like to set?

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