Coaching possibilities

I’m very fortunate to have worked and collaborated with a close colleague over several years who has a real dedication towards coaching students and student leaders to higher performance.

His particular forte shows up in playing the long game in a coaching approach to enable student leaders to develop signature programs that have reach and impact not only in the short and medium term, but also over the long haul, far beyond the original setting in which they were conceptualized.

How does he do it?

Here is a sneak peak of part of his intentional approach which aligns very well with 4 ways to engage and coach written by Neale, Spencer-Arnell and Wilson, authors of ‘Emotional Intelligence Coaching’.

Check this...

1. “Positive conditional” – A positive statement about actions, like “Your report was excellent because...”

2. “Positive unconditional” – A positive statement about someone as a person, like “I love your energy and enthusiasm.”

3. “Negative conditional” – A negative comment about actions, like “Your presentation would have been better if...”

4. “Negative unconditional” – A negative comment about someone as a person, like “You are stupid.”

My colleague’s coaching style has a particular emphasis on the positive unconditional.

I’ve never heard him pull point 4 (negative unconditional) and rarely point 3 (negative conditional).

Reflect on these and consider how you could constructively apply them to you + others with whom you collaborate.

You’ll be amazed at the reach and impact you can have in further shaping your own potential and contributing towards the potential of those around you.



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