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Coaching and “The Winners Effect”

According to Robertson, "To succeed, one needs to push oneself to the limit of their capabilities, but no further...and then allow oneself to rest and recover before pushing oneself again" (p. 14).

This idea is particularly relevant for coaching student leaders, who are often highly driven and motivated to achieve academic and leadership success. However, if they are not given enough time to rest and recover from their efforts, they may experience burnout, stress, or a decline in their academic or leadership performance.

Therefore, a university coach who is coaching student leaders must encourage and guide them in balancing their efforts and rest to achieve their academic and leadership goals. This includes helping them to set achievable goals, manage their time effectively, and take breaks when needed to avoid burnout.

By balancing effort and rest, student leaders can maximize their potential and achieve success in their academic and leadership pursuits.

With Arete,


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