Chisel our of raw potential

I have a close friend who is a lawyer by training. When it comes to being objective and stipulating and pulling the facts he is formidable.

One of his strengths is the ability to pull and interpret the facts and create a compelling argument.

Imagine doing that with your potential…

“Imagine two lawyers in a courtroom inside your head. One is arguing for your possibilities and you achieving your goals. The other is arguing for your limits and why you don’t deserve what you want. Who will win? The lawyer whom you pay the most. The way you pay these lawyers, however, is not with money; it is with your attention.”

How would you describe your character?

More specifically, if you were to describe yourself in a heroic way how would you do that?

“Personal success is built on the foundation of character, and character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you make that gradually turn who you are at any given moment into who you want to be. ...

Character comes from a Greek word meaning ‘chisel,’ or ‘the mark left by a chisel.’ Of course, a chisel is a sharp steel tool used for making a sculpture out of a hard or difficult material, like granite or marble. ...

Character isn’t a magic wand; character comes from chisel, and I hope you’ll remember that. You’ve got to chisel your character out of the raw material of yourself just like a sculptor has to create a statue. The raw material is always there, and everything that happens to you, good or bad, is an opportunity for building your character.” (Rohn)

Who do you want to become?



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