Check your compass regularly

If you were heading on a journey to a destination you really wanted to reach what would your strategy be?

Would you plan how to get there or kinda make it up as you go along?

Check this out…

“Envision for yourself the day you report the achievement of your wildly important goal to your own leaders. What would that day be like for your team? For you? Now, imagine that day never comes…Consider spending the future in the midst of a relentless whirlwind where everything is always urgent and the really important priorities are forever postponed. The great management scientist Peter Drucker observed, ‘I’ve seen a great many people who

are magnificent at getting the unimportant things done. They have an impressive record of

achievement on trivial matters.’ But you don’t want to be magnificently trivial. You want to make a high-level, high-impact contribution...” (MCCHESNEY, COVEY, HULING)

So over to you…

You want the whirlwind of trivia or the high-level, high-impact contribution?

Small steps directly aligned with your potential are not trivia, they are fundamentals.

Big steps towards unimportant things can end up being trivia.

You see the size of the step does not always matter.

It’s the direction too.

Think about some next moves or plans you have for the day.

How aligned are they with where you are seeking to head in the long - term?

You can go on a journey of a 1000 miles and end up in a destination that you were not

aiming for...


You can take one deliberate step (and more) consistently on and towards a path and destination that really matters.

Might mean checking your ‘compass’ regularly.

You got this.



p.s. check your compass on the regular

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