Check you got it first

Whenever I work with a team there is always one principle in play that cannot be bent on…commitment.

You can call it showing up, consistency, being there.

While I kinda expect that in a team I’m collaborating with and it feels fairly obvious, I’ve always always gotta check myself first.

Check this out...

“The person who asks, ‘What is the most important contribution I can make to the

performance of this organization?’ asks in effect, ‘What self-development do I need? What

knowledge and skill do I have to acquire to make the contribution I should be making? What

strengths do I have to put to work? What standards do I have to set myself?’” (Drucker)

So, let’s take that example at the beginning.

If I’m expecting commitment in a team, then I gotta train it when I’m not with them so when I am with them, it’s there too.

I can’t expect a team to have a quality if I ain’t defining, discovering and developing it myself.

Same goes for you.

Whether a team, a mate, a class, a teacher, a student etc…

Check it.

You got the thing you seeking to have displayed in the ‘team’ you collaborating with?

With Arete,


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