A recurrent reflection that has come to mind over recent mornings is this…

Rest is one thing. What you do with that rested + restored energy is another.

At the time of writing this I’ve just watched a beautiful sunrise. Very inspiring.

Rested? Check.

Some micro moments to savour + appreciate, check.


Deep work + another day to take on the discovery and development of potential.

Check this out..

“Challenging yourself to accomplish more than you know you can is never stupid — it helps show you what you are capable of. It creates a new frame of reference, one you can draw upon in the face of other things that are perceived as being tough in your life. It shows you possibilities you didn’t know existed.” Sena

What’s a challenge that can stretch you? (Regardless of the time frame + one you actually wanna do?)

Where have you already accomplished more than you knew at the time?

How have previous accomplishments and growth helped you to face tough challenges that may be showing up now in your life?

You totally got this.



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