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Our 3 year old will take a customary nap in the afternoon, whether at school or at home. Same with our 11 month old. We call them little chargers cos they charge up so quickly from their naps and then when awake ... ‘charge’ around!

Yet maybe naps ain’t just for toddlers…

Check this out…

“I’m often asked if a nap during the day will interfere with nocturnal sleep. The answer is a definite no. Unfortunately, many information sources on sleep hygiene encourage people to avoid napping if they’re having trouble sleeping at night. Not only is there not a shred of evidence to support this advice, but much of the data coming out of sleep research demonstrates quite the opposite. In studies across all age ranges, nocturnal sleep duration has been proven to be unaffected by midday napping. As a matter of fact, studies indicate that in a number of cases napping actually improves the ability to sleep at night.” (Mednick)

Perhaps you need a bit of a charge up during the day?

Why not test out a young nap for 20-30 minutes?

Could do wonders.

Give it a whirl.



p.s. if you have challenges with getting up after a nap cos of pressing snooze consider keeping an alarm out of arms reach such that it requires you to get up to switch it off. Once you on your feet you may find it easier to get up + stay up.

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