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Channel peak performance

Ever thought what the distinction is between peak and championship performance?

Check this out.

“At the highest level of sports, and especially at the Olympics, you have to expect that everyone competing against you has physical talent. So: How do you channel peak performance into championship performance? You have to be mentally tough, that’s how.

How do you get mentally tough? You have to train your mind just like you train your body. Unleash your imagination. Work hard. Embrace obstacles, difficulties, and mistakes.” (Phelps )

When and where could you unleash your imagination?

When are the times for you to work hard?

How can you strengthen your ability to embrace obstacles?

Who can you call on to be in your corner to encourage you to navigate the difficulties?

What can you do to become better at learning from and even being okay with making performance related mistakes (in practice and training)?



P.s. you don’t have to complete anything to feel, act and think like your own champion. It’s not in the trophy, its in how you tackle the learning.

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