Centre of Gravity

I’ve got a mate with a love for learning.

Relishes new ideas, practices and possibilities.

It’s inspiring to watch as he explores new practices.

The risk of this is trying out too many things at the same time which can mess with you current intended learning goals.

Over time what that means is you end up dabbling as opposed to mastering.

Check this out from Waitzkin…

“I believe that one of the most critical factors in the transition to becoming a conscious high

performer is the degree to which your relationship to your pursuit stays in harmony with your

unique disposition. There will inevitably be times when we need to try new ideas, release our

current knowledge to take in new information—but it is critical to integrate this new information in a manner that does not violate who we are. By taking away our natural voice, we leave ourselves without a center of gravity to balance us as we navigate the countless obstacles along our way.”

Returning to my mate. He’s come back from weekend training seminars or training days away kinda ‘confused’, and having lost his ‘centre of gravity’.

By centre of gravity I mean consistency and dedication to ‘deliberate practice’.

It’s great to question + learn…in fact, essential.

Yet while you do + get exposed to new areas and ideas consider this…

Is there ‘one thing’ that you are absolutely committed to?

Are you willing despite the distractions, options and new discoveries that arise willing to honour your own current commitments?

To see them through.

Give that some thought.

If the answer is yes…then…

What do you need to do to maintain your own ‘center of gravity’?

Your own consistency.

You can…it’s just a matter of choice and trusting your own voice as opposed to someone else’s.



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