Celebrate the steps

Got a big project, task, goal or milestone in front of ya?

How you feeling about it? Keen and ready or ready to retreat?

Guise offers a way to feel and be ready to take it on one piece at a time. Here is what he suggests.

- Chunk it down into tiny parts that are easily ‘mentally digested’ + ‘less stressful’.

- Take tiny tiny steps (small wins) (you’ll preserve willpower this way).

- If you move beyond the tiny step, awesome, those are now bonus steps.

- Celebrate and acknowledge each mini step. They all add up and count

“It is far more mentally energy efficient to break things down into small components that are easily ‘mentally digested’ and less stressful. The goal of losing 100 pounds in a year is a constant energy drain and burden. And with this goal, it’s possible to lose 50 pounds and feel like a failure. Why would anyone be interested in that? One workout feels like a drop in the bucket, and it is in the grand scheme of your massive goal. It’s hard to feel good after a workout when it represents almost nothing compared to your goal. With mini habits, though, willpower is preserved as much as possible, every step you take feels like success, and going beyond your goal feels even better than that. It’s a system that makes you feel like a winner, because people who feel like winners act like winners.” (Guise)

Celebrate and enjoy the process, one tiny step at a time.

No need to go ‘All or nothing’ style…

Go tiny and celebrate style.



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