'Cartoons'+ Creativity + 'Crushing it'.

It's always good to get insights from those around you that are rocking it in some way.

Recently an opportunity arose to engage with a very high performing 'student' who was just owning it.

I asked him what his approach was.

There was quite a long pause and he shared something along these lines.

"I'm not just learning in the classroom...even when I'm watching cartoons, I'm learning."

I'm chuckling cos the next line could be lets watch cartoons!

The takeway though can be expressed through what De Bono termed Lateral Thinking.

Lateral thinking in essence involves the ability to find solutions from less than obvious and creative strategies. The ideas may not be immediately at hand and difficult to come by through logical and sequential thinking.

Coming back to cartoons then!

De Bono says:

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."

It may be learning through cartoons, or other means...

Q. What 'patterns' do you need to break into (even more) in order crush your potential?

What's your 'cartoon' equivalent?

More solutions, More POTENTIAL.

with ARETE,


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