Carry yourself

The way you carry yourself has been researched to make a difference.

Check this out from Amy Cuddy…

“The way you carry yourself is a source of personal power—the kind of power that is the key to presence. It’s the key that allows you to unlock yourself—your abilities, your creativity, your courage, and even your generosity. It doesn’t give you skills or talents you don’t have; it helps you to share the ones you do have. It doesn’t make you smarter or better informed; it makes you more resilient and open. It doesn’t change who you are; it allows you to be who you are.”

~ Amy Cuddy

Next time you walk or sit consider how you carry yourself.

You walking or sitting like someone who is owning their potential?

Or are you sitting like someone who don’t even know what that means for ya?

Carry yourself with confidence cos who you are right now is exceptional, because you are exceptional (already).



p.s. don’t wait to ‘arrive’ at some place before you start feeling confident about yourself.

Carry yourself with ‘power’ right now.

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