Can you call it?

Can you call it? That is, anticipate in advance with crystal clear clarity blocks of time and specific learning actiivities in your days, weeks and months ahead. It’s a big ask and a skill for sure that takes time to develop, refine and tailor yet could be totally worth it.

Here is a take on that from profilic cartoonist Scott Adams:

"If you ask me today where I will be at 6:20 A.M. on a Saturday morning in the year 2017, I’ll tell you I will be at my desk finishing the artwork on some comics I drew earlier in the week. That’s what I was doing last Saturday at that time and what I plan to do this Saturday as well. I can’t recall the last time I woke up and looked at my options for what to do first. It’s always the same, at least for the first few hours of my day.”

There are certain things we already do that run on autopilot right? They are just habitual.

Is there a way for you to consider siphoning off some set times to do specific tasks associated with your learning?

Can you 'call it' in advance and identify a set piece of each of your days where you routinize?

It may mean starting small (as in deciding and then rocking with say 15 minutes or even less) at a set time each day to put in that bit of extra work.

Mapping it out the day before can also add to this.

Once the momentum gets going you’ll get going.

As Scott says:

‘Choosing among attractive alternatives can also be exhausting. You want to feel as if you researched and considered all of your options. That’s why I find great comfort in routine.’

With Arete


Scott Adams is a cartoonist who created a comic strip Dilbert. He shifted out of work in tech to lean in on his art and has been at his craft for the last 2o + years. Check him out on

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