Can’t or won’t

How many times do you face something that you really ‘can’t’ do?

Is it possible that the things we think we ‘can’t’ do are actually the things we ‘won’t’ do, disguised as ‘can’t’s?

Check this out..

“Growing up, I used to tell Bob when he would order a set that would make my eyes widen, I can’t do that. He would say, there’s a difference between ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t.’ Maybe you won’t do that, he would then say. But you can.

If you say ‘can’t,’ you’re restricting what you can do or ever will do. You can use your imagination to do whatever you want. ‘Can’t,’ he would say, that’s a tough word...”Phelps

How many things do you deep down want to achieve but have plastered with ‘I can’t’?

Check yourself.

How many of those ‘can’t’s are geniune and how many are actually underlying “won’t do’s?”

Is it possible that may, just maybe you can do it?

You just wont do it!


What will it take to shift from ‘can’t to won’t to will?

You can do it.

You will do it (if you really try).



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