When I was fresh outta university I used to open my cupboard everyday and see four capital letters on the inside of the door.


I’d put this up as a reminder everyday of what was ahead (if I so choose)


Constant and Never ending improvement (Robbins)

“True mastery is about greatness, about doing something that pushes the limitations of what others think is possible or even sensible. Peter Senge, a professor at MIT, describes mastery as something that ‘goes beyond competence and skills... It means approaching one’s life as a creative work.’

Mastery isn’t about straight As or the highest salary in the company. It’s not even about being the most popular in your field. It’s about understanding your potential and then dedicating your life to pursuing that ideal. It means doing your absolute best. Why? Because the craft deserves it, because the calling requires it, and because maybe you’ll be a better person for it. After all, this is the role of work in our lives—not only as a means to make a living, but as a tool to make us into who we were born to be.” (Goins)

What would you love to master over a life time?



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